Moonflower Hat
Moonflower Hat
Moonflower Hat

Moonflower Hat


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Moonflower Hat -  The design of these hats has taken years, trying to perfect a hat that can protect against harsh NZ sun to prevent from burnt noses and scalps that can be worn everyday.

They are made from heavy linens, they are floppy and can be scrunched up and put in pockets when not worn.

These hats have intentionally been designed and made to have an oversized floppy shape. They have experimented and done many tests on walks to see how floppy we can get them without them blowing off. We tested sizes of these, but decided that when they were made smaller, they lost their lovely floppy feel.

All of our hats have tiny hand sewn in loops inside, that hair pins can go through - fixing the hat in place to stop it from blowing away.

Will fit all sizes. Loose fit. Covers ears and shields eyes. 
Crown to brim is 22cm 
Circumference is 96cm

Made in New Zealand